Yulia Korshina

Kid's clinical psychologist, counseling in the cognitive-behavioral approach
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  • Problems of emotional regulation in children (frequent outbursts of anger, frequent long-term tantrums lasting more than 15 minutes, the child is long and difficult to calm down, etc.)
  • Worries about changes in the family (the appearance of a second child, the parents' divorce)
  • Difficulties in the relationship of brothers and sisters
  • Difficulties communicating with peers, the child is not able to make friends
  • Depressed state in the child
  • Self-doubt, excessive shyness
  • Behavior problems: the child often shows stubbornness, intractability, breaks the rules (at home/school), acts impulsively, etc.
  • Anxiety States and fears in children
  • Relationship issues with foster and adopted children
University education
Saint Petersburg State University, specialty: clinical psychology (specialization — clinical psychology of children and parents).
Additional education
Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy for children and adolescents:
Participation in the CBT training program for children and adolescents of the Association of cognitive behavioral therapists (ACBT):
- cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder in children and adolescents, 16 hours, 2019.

Montessori pedagogy for children from 3 to 6 years old:
Professional retraining program "Theory and methods of professional activity of the teacher of preschool educational institutions in terms of requirements of FSES TO practice implementation of the educational program "Children's garden Montessori" in the amount of 300 hours; 2017.
      • 2019 to the present — psychological counseling of children, adolescents and their parents in the framework of cognitive-behavioral direction under supervision.
      • 2017 to the present — psychological and pedagogical counseling of parents with children under 7 years of age;
      • 2017-2020 — educational psychologist at the children's development center;
      • 2015-2017 — assistant Montessori teacher at the children's development center;
      • 2014-2016 — research assistant in the Laboratory of interdisciplinary research of early childhood at St. Petersburg State University (diagnostics of cognitive development in young children).
      More information
      Yulia has personal experience of individual psychotherapy.

      Scientific activity:
      Winner of the 2018 Patrice L. English Dissertation Grant for Global Early Child Development.

      She is a co-author of reports on topical issues of mental development in early childhood, with which she has attended a number of international conferences:
      • "Psychology of the XXI century: academic past and future", 2015;
      • SRCD Meeting: Social Neuroscience Perspectives on Child Development, 2015;
      • 16th World Association for Infant Mental Health World Congress, 2018;
      • Ananiev readings-2018. Personality psychology: traditions and modernity: proceedings of the international scientific conference, 2018;
      • 16th European Congress of Psychology, 2019
      • Ananiev readings-2019. Psychology in society, state, and politics, 2019;
      • I international scientific and practical conference on training and support of substitute families "better Homes". Modern experience and prospects, 2019.

      Co-author of a number of publications on the problems of cognitive development of children in various social environments:
      • Vasileva M. Yu., Korshina Yu. D., Kurokhtina E. V., Vershinina E. A., Kornilov S. A., Mukhamedrakhimov R. Zh., Grigorenko E. L. Executive functions in young children living in children's homes and families // Psychological journal (Psychologicheskii Journal), 2017, no. 4, pp. 69-82.
      • Vasilyeva, M. J., Korshina, I. D. Executive functioning in young children reared in institutions. 15th World Congress of World Association for Infant Mental Health, 29 May - 2 June, Prague, 2016, Czech Republic. Infant Mental Health Journal, 2016, vol.37, Suppl. 1, p. 668-669.
      • Vasilyeva M., Korshina I., Lind T., Vershinina E., Chernego D., Muhamedrahimov R., Dozier M. (2018). Hot executive function in young children with the history of institutionalization. New challenges for a 3rd millennium Infant Mental Health". World Association for Infant Mental Health's 16th World Congress, May 26-30, 2018. Rome, Italy / Infant mental health journal, 2018, Supplement to Volume 39. P. 386.
      • Corshina Y. D., R. J. Mukhamedrakhimov the Formation of performing functions at an early age under various conditions of social environment. Ananiev readings-2018: personality Psychology: traditions and modernity: materials of the international scientific conference, October 23-26, 2018 / edited by N. V. Grishina, S. N. otvet. edited by I. R. Murtazin, M. O. Avanesyan-SPb.: The icing, 2018. - 496 p.


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