Vera Krasnoperova

Psychologist, counseling in a cognitive-behavioral approach.
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  • Fears and anxiety (General anxiety, communication anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks, etc.)
  • Obsessive thoughts and actions
  • Depressive condition and mood swings
  • Perfectionism, high demands on yourself
  • Difficulties in setting goals, procrastination
  • Low self-esteem, self-doubt, self-criticism
  • Problems in relationships (repetitive situations, loneliness, jealousy, conflicts)
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.
University education
Saint Petersburg state University, specialty: clinical psychology.
Additional education
Cognitive behavioral therapy:
Participation in training programs of the Association of cognitive behavioral therapists (AKBT) and the Russian Psychotherapy Association (RPA).
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for depression;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for schizophrenia;
  • Cognitive behavioral addiction therapy;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder.

Schema Therapy

ISST approved training certification module:
  • Introduction to Schema Therapy & Basic Techniques. Module 1. Presenters: M. Galimzyanova, T. Kulikova., Saint Petersburg 2018
  • Schema Therapy Strategy and Interventions. Module 2. Presenters: M. Galimzyanova, T. Kulikova., Saint Petersburg 2018
    • Employee of the psychological center "Quality of life" (2018 to the present).
    • Consulting in the cognitive-behavioral approach under supervision since 2015 - to the present day.
    • Clinical psychologist: practice of psychodiagnostics and counseling on the basis of St. Petersburg RO VOS (Russian society for the blind Saint Petersburg), NIPNI. V. M. Bekhtereva, research Institute of emergency medicine. Janelidze; 2015-2017.
    More information
    Vera is a member of the Association of cognitive behavioral therapists.
    One of the speakers on YouTube channel about scientific psychology and psychotherapy "Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy".


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    Phone: +7 921 94 17 144

    Address: St. Petersburg, Tavricheskaya 17, office 400.
    We are on the 4th floor of the business center.

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